ALIA monitors 67 TV broadcasters, 18 radio stations and 17 video on demand (VOD) providers. Since broadcasting can come from throughout Europe and beyond, ALIA monitors programs in many languages broadcast to multiple countries.

ALIA needed to streamline its procedures to improve staff and consultant productivity – and provide faster service to the public. By leveraging web technologies, ALIA believed it could:

  • More e ectively monitor TV and radio under its jurisdiction
  • Become completely independent of audiovisual service providers
  • Conveniently access programs delivered in di erent media

“Previously, when we received a complaint, we had to ask a broadcaster to give us a le or DVD so we could review the content. We simply used basic video recorders as needed.”

Carole Kickert, ALIA


“We have extensive experience in integrating best-practice 3rd party platforms within our infrastructure, having done it previously for many Media, M2M and Cloud-Service solutions. This exibility sets us apart from other providers.”

Sandrine Cheret, POST Luxembourg Group